Ostello Tramonti

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Ostello Tramonti


Overview of Hostel

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Ostello Tramonti is situated in Biassa – an ancient town set in the lush green hills that surround the gulf of Poeti (Golfo dei Poeti). Biassa is the gateway to the breathtaking coastline of Cinque Terre and to the many pathways that cross the hillsi

From Nights People


Please do not book this hostel if you are planning on catching an early train from La Spezia or Riomaggiore (before 7:00 am) as there is no public transport at this time of the day. Taxis cannot be booked the night before and are not available at this time of the morning


Before leaving the train station, you can purchase a bus ticket with the code '00' from the Tobacco Shop on platform one. If you do not have time, tickets can also be purchased on the bus, however they are more expensive.
To get to the bus stop, from the main exit of the train station, turn to your right and you will see a glass entrance to stairs and an elevator at the far end of the taxi rank, near the turn circle. Head towards this and take the elevator down to street level ('Via Fiume').
When you arrive at street level, turn right, following ‘Via Fiume’ for less than 50m until you reach 'Via Castelfidardo'. The bus stop near the intersection of Via Castelfidardo IS NOT the bus stop for the hostel so please do not wait here!
At the intersection of Via Castelfidardo, turn left.
Follow this street for about 300m until you arrive in Piazza Brin. Piazza Brin is a square with trees and a fountain in the middle. It is situated at the corner of Via Castelfidardo and Corso Cavour.
When you arrive at the square, the bus stop is on the far left side of the square, near the newspaper kiosk.
Take bus number 19. The journey time is about 15 minutes. Please ask the driver for ‘Ostello Tramonti’ so that they can tell you where to disembark. The bus stops directly out the front of the hostel.

Monday to Saturday the bus departs at 6:25 am, 6:50 am, 7:35 am, 11:26 am, 12:26 pm, 1:15 pm, 4:25 pm, 5:10pm, 6:10 pm and 8:10pm.

Sundays and public holidays the bus departs only at 1:26 pm and 7.36 pm.

There are also additional services from a different bus stop. At 8.40 am, 2.10 pm and 7.05 pm (Except Fridays and Sundays – continue reading). The bus stop is in ‘Viale Garibaldi’, near the traffic lights at the intersection of ‘Corso Cavour’ and ‘Viale Garibaldi’. To get there from the bus stop in Piazza Brin, follow Corso Cavour to the left for about 300 m until you reach the intersection. On Fridays, you will need to take the bus from Corso Cavour at 2.05 pm or 7.05 pm. To get there, continue along Corso Cavour until you reach the bus stop at 142 Corso Cavour.

If you arrive on a Sunday or Public Holiday, as there are limited buses, we suggest you catch the public bus from Riomaggiore. Riomaggiore is one stop by train (approx. 8 minutes) from La Spezia Centrale. Buses depart from Riomaggiore at 2:20 pm, 4:00 pm and 6:35 pm.
The bus stop is in ‘Via Colombo,’ close to the train station's tunnel (continue reading below).The journey takes 15 min. Ask the bus driver to stop at ‘Ostello Tramonti’.

Please note that there are no buses on Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, the 1st of May, the 2nd of June and the 15th on August. The schedule of this bus is the same on Sunday.

Sunday morning and public holidays, on request, we can drive to La Spezia Central station (1.50€ per person, one way) at 8 a.m. or 10:30 a.m. This service must be booked in advance as we have limited space available. From Monday to Saturday you can reach the train station of La Spezia by public bus.


ATTENTION: This service only runs from the 18th of March to the 2nd of November!
If you arrive by train to Riomaggiore, (the first village of Cinque Terre) you can reach us easily by public bus. The bus is generally white but can be blue or green.
When you arrive at the train station in Riomaggiore, exit the train station and turn right, taking the tunnel into the town.
At the end of the tunnel you will arrive at ‘Via Colombo’ (the only road in the town). The bus departs from the bottom of the town. You should see a ‘Fermata’ sign near the bottom and the bus will stop here.

Everyday the bus departs from the bottom of the village at 2:25 pm, 4:00 pm and 6:35pm.

It departs from the top of the village at Lavaccio Carpark at 2:29 pm, 4:04 pm and 6:39 pm however we suggest taking it from the bottom of the town as it is often full by the time it arrives at the top.

Alternatively, you can also book our shuttle service from Riomaggiore in the evening by email. Our shuttle departs from ‘Lavaccio Car Park’ which is at the top of ‘Via Colombo’ (the only road in the town). When you arrive at the top of the street, you will notice a small roundabout and a carpark. This is where you need to wait for out shuttle. It takes about 7 minutes to walk from the bottom of the town.


From La Spezia Centrale to the hostel, the taxi service costs 20€.
From the hostel to La Spezia the taxi costs 25€ .


We offer a shuttle service to and from Riomaggiore - the first village on the sea. The journey takes about 8 minutes and costs only 1€, one way. For guests that stay 3 nights or more, we offer the shuttle service, free of charge!
Times for the shuttle service change depending on seasonal demands but are generally between 8:30 am and 10 am in the mornings and 8 pm and 10 pm in the evenings.

If you would like more information or need to book this service for your arrival, please contact us my email.

We are not able to drive to Riomaggiore in the afternoon - you will need to use the public bus. The public bus departs for Riomaggiore from outside Ostello Tramonti at 2:50 pm, 4:35pm and 7 pm.


We ask that guests do not come to the hostel before 2 pm to leave bags. This is for your convenience only. Facilities in the hostel will be closed for cleaning during this time and restaurants and shops in the town are closed.

What to do instead: If you arrive in the area before 2pm, we recommend leaving your bags in one of the secure luggage stores at either La Spezia Train Station (Platform 1) or opposite the train station in Riomaggiore. This means that you can enjoy some time in Cinque Terre or La Spezia first and then catch either of the public services to the hostel later in the afternoon or contact us to book a shuttle from Riomaggiore in the evening. The luggage stores are inexpensive. We want to ensure you enjoy your time here and make the most of it. As there are no public buses leaving Biassa until later in the afternoon, you will not have a way of leaving once you are here and everything in the town is closed during this time!

If you have arrived in La Spezia and wish to head to Cinque Terre, you can catch a train from La Spezia to Riomaggiore and leave your bags there. It is only one stop by train and about an 8 minute journey. From there you can arrive at the hostel easily, later in the day.


Railway lines Roma, Turin, Bologna, Parma, Genoa, Florence, Pisa, La Spezia Central Station.


From Milan: (via Genoa) Take the A7 Milano to Genoa then the A12 from Genoa to La Spezia, or (via Parma) the A1 from Milano to Parma then the A15 from Parma to La Spezia.
From Turin: Take the A21 from Turin to Alessandria then the A26 from Alessandria to Genoa then A12 Genoa to La Spezia.
From Ventimiglia: Take the A10 from Ventimiglia to Genoa then the A12 from Ventimiglia to La Spezia.
From Roma: Take the A1 from Rome to Florence, the A11 from Florence to Pisa and then the A12 from Pisa to La Spezia.
For all: exit: La Spezia/S. Stefano Magra, direction La Spezia..

Located near

On the northwestern hills of la spezia, aside the breathtaking coast of the 'cinque terre' (2km), the Hostel Tramonti is situated in the ancient hamlet of biassa. The village is situated on the verdant hills surrounding the gulf and it is the main doorway to the 'cinque terre' and to the several pathways crossing the hillside. We also are very close to La Spezia city (5-10 minutes)and to the Portovenere's street (5-10 minutes).

Conditions & Policy

Child Friendly

THIS IS NOT A PARTY HOSTEL,WE HAVE A CURFEW AND A SILENCE TIME AND WE ASK TO RESPECT . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO READ: Why you shouldn't come to the hostel before 2:00pm: 1) The first public bus from the hostel to Riomaggiore (the first village of Cinque Terre) leaves at 2:55pm. 2)We're not able to drive to Riomaggiore in the afternoon, you have to use public bus 3) After noun shops and restaurant in the village are closed. 4) We have to clean the hostel, so we cannot do the check in 5) There is a shift of the staff, so the hostel may be empty. Curfew: 1am. Lockout for cleaning: 10.30am to 2 pm. During lockout the WC and showers are closed and guests are asked to leave the hostel. If you have to catch an early train from La Spezia train station or Riomaggiore (before 7:00), please,don't book in this hostel. Don't try to walk from the train station,use the public service to the hostel (from La Spezia or Riomaggiore). We have a 48hr cancellation policy. Notice of cancellation by email only, please. The price for bed/room doesn't include city tax 1,50 euro (city tax per person per night)  We'll pay for you this tax from the second night of your stay