Tasso Hostel

Via Villani 15, Florence

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Tasso Hostel


Overview of Hostel

A couple of minutes from the city center of Florence, Tasso Hostel is located in a creative oasis. Between the houses of the local Florentine's, working craftsmen, restaurants, trattorias, wine bars and the eclectic nightlife of the Oltrarno.

Tasso Hostel has 13 uniquely designed rooms with excel

From Nights People


1.)As you step down from the train you will find yourself in the Florence train station Santa Maria Novella.

2.)With your back to the train tracks exit right down the stairs to the street Via Luigi Alemanni.

3.)Cross the tram tracks and continue walking down Via Santa Caterina da Siena, pass the CLUB HOTEL you will find yourself in Via La Scala.
Cross Via La Scala and enter Via dell' Albero. Keep walking down this street till you hit the river.

3.)As you reach the river in front of you will be a bridge Ponte A. Vespucci with some parked cars on it, cross the bridge till you get to the other side.

4.)The street that continues on is called Via Sant Onofrio. Keep on walking down this street and it should take you to a triangular shaped Piazza that is also a parking lot.

5.)Keep walking straight down and you should find yourself in Via di Camadoli.

Continue on the same direction and you will exit in a Piazza ( park) covered by trees.
You have reached Piazza Tasso. Walk towards the bus stop and cross the pedestrian lane.

6.)Cross the Viale Francesco Petrarca ( big main road ) you will see a quaint little restaurant called La Vecchia Bettola.

7.)The street leading upwards immediately infront of you is Via Villani we are at number 15. Left hand side of the street.

Ring the bell for a pleasant surprise.

BUS TICKET : You can buy bus tickets at the stores that sell cigarettes and candy inside the train station. The single ticket comes at 1. 20 euro . You can also purchase tickets inside the bus at 2 euros each.

1.)As you step down from the train you will find yourself in the Florence train station Santa Maria Novella.

2.)With your back to the train tracks Exit LEFT where you will see a Pharmacy.

Turn Right and walk towards the vending machines before the TAXI line.

3.)Cross the road in front of it and you will see a bus stop numbered 12 ( It takes around 10 min to the hostel ) Stop PRATOLINO ( Piazza Tasso )

Taking the TAXI :

Taxi's to the Hostel form Station Santa Maria Novella, should not cost more than 10,00 euros.You can find them right before the bus top at the train station exit..

Located near

Beyond the Arno On this side of the river is one of Florence's greatest treasures. The Oltrarno. The word beyond suits it because it is where the few real wanderers go. This tranquil side of town where music is sang in the Piazza & where wine is tasted in good company. The Oltrano is filled with stores that still practice florentine craftsmanship. Woodcarvers, sculptors, jewelers, shoemakers & artists. It is here most foreigners decide to stay here ; it is here where they fall in love.

Conditions & Policy

Child Friendly

Please note: Check In: 3.00 pm Check Out: 11.00 am Cancellation Policy: 3 days Credit Cards accepted (no Amex) Breakfast Included City Taxes not included( € 1.50 per person/per day) PAID PARKING Is AVAILABLE: https://www.google.it/maps/ms?msid=201829822163246282880.0004bace663ef81096084&msa=0&ll=43.764183,11.249571&spn=0.010786,0.022724&dg=feature