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Amalfi, Italy
Amalfi Town is perched on the stunning cliff edges of the Amalfi Coast, with spectacular views over the Mediterranean, just a few hours south of Naples. In the past, pirates often tried to attack this city for all its riches - the Republic of Amalfi was once a strong maritime power. Now Amalfi relies on tourism and agricultural produce, such as olives, grapes and citrus fruits. The town is in fact, a key stop off for tourists visiting the Amalfi Coast - and serves as an ideal base for exploring this much hyped about coastal resort area.

It’s within reach of the other picturesque villages on the Amalfi Coast, the ruins outside of Naples, and the islands in the Gulf of Naples. The nearby coves and rocky beaches are perfect for whiling away summer afternoons. Some famous artists have come here to work and be inspired - who wouldn't be inspired with these beautiful pebble beaches, national parks, beautiful homes and rocky coast lines.

For some sites try Basilica di San Antonino which was built in the 10th century in honor of Saint Anthony. Sedil Dominova has a dome where the important leaders of the time once discussed and wrote out laws for Amalfi. There are a number of museums but I would suggest the Raito Provincial Museum of Ceramics which is housed with in a lovely Villa. For shopping there is a main street called Via San Cesareo where you can find silver jewellery, embroidered clothes, ceramics, gifts and clothes. If you are looking for a day trip there are various towns right outside where you can find wonderful art pieces and sweet locals. Capri Island is only a short visit away.

For food there are olives, citrus fruits, seafood such as shrimp, lobster, crab and octopus, pizza, pasta and much more! For drinks there's limoncello which is usually an after dinner drink made of lemon peel and pure alcohol. Another typical liqueur would be nocino which is made from coffee beans and walnuts.

To start off the nightlife people usually sit in cafes or open aired restaurants to enjoy a long meal with the cool sea breeze floating through. After dinner the locals tend to take a little walk while eating a gelato or people-watching, a favourite Italian pastime. At around midnight people congregate towards the dancing areas, bars or locales with live music. Club L'Africana is highly recommended and there's another club called Underground. However, if you don't like to go dancing there are often times wine bars that offer smooth jazz or you can try a classical concert usually at a church such as Saint Francis Monastery. To book a Hotel in Amalfi, please click here: Amalfi Hotels To book a Hostel in Amalfi, please click here: Amalfi Hostels

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