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Arica, Chile
What to say about Arica? - Sun Sea & Sand
- Great beaches
- Gateway to Peru
– Parque Nacional Lauca
– Bolivia - An Eiffel connection

With archaeolgical history dating back 9,000 years, Arica is a relaxed, safe beach resort city. WIth a population of 170,000, Arica is at the extreme north of Chile, in the heart of the Atacama Dessert.

The “City of Eternal Spring” has an extremely mild and uniform climate 15 – 22 degrees centigrade on average, making it a great winter resort. It is supported by a good range of seafoods, restaurants and accommodation to suit all tastes. The Nacional Parque Lauca, (137,000 ha) with Lake Chungara, is one of the highest national parks in the world. Surrounded by volcanes, this national park is becoming a trekkers destination, for its pristine and unique abundance of wildlife, birds and animals.

Eiffel & Company of France, (famous for their pre-cast steel work) designed and fabricated a series of buildings for Arica - the San Marcos Church, The Custom House and the Government House. All buildings are now national historic monuments that attract international tourists.

Human habitation of the site of Arica and the supporting river valleys dates back some 10,000 years to the Chinchorro Beach shell fish gatherers. Local climatic conditions have favoured the conservation of archaeological evidence (including the oldest mummies in the world). These all form an excellent display of time frames of development in the Museo Arqueological de San Miguel de Azapa. To book a Hotel in Arica, please click here: Arica Hotels To book a Hostel in Arica, please click here: Arica Hostels

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