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Assisi, Italy
When people first hear about the town Assisi, they call to mind the saint who was an animal lover. In this city in the Tuscan countryside, there are now a number of churches and monuments inspired by Saint Francis. There are even some people who follow his religion here, which is called the Franciscan religion, a branch of the Roman Catholic religion. There are 26,000 people now living in this quaint town. In earlier years, the Umbrians, the Etruscans and the ancient Romans dwelled here, leaving many markers over time and creating a rich history. Many people make a pilgrimage to Assisi to learn more about the history of the St. Francis and his followers.

The Cathedral Church of San Rufino, (Duomo di San Rufino) was built in the 5th century. It was the place that baptised St. Francis, St. Clair, and Emperor Frederick II.

Basilica of Santa Chiara is where the tomb of Saint Clare of Assisi is located. Saint Clare was buried in 1872. There's also the Temple of Minerva which has recently been changed into a church and Basilica di San Francesco which holds some lovely frescoes. If you’re up for a walk, try going to Ermeo delle Carceri. This is a place where St. Francis went to pray and is located on a mountain for peace in nature. There's also a medieval castle, Rocca Maggiore, which you can’t miss since it is perched up on a hill that overlooks the city. There are plenty of other places of interest, so make sure to walk along the streets. Along the way you’re sure to spot all the beautiful embroidery, truffles and such treats Assisi has to offer.

The regular food of Italy mostly includes the ingredients of olive oil, boar, lamb, pasta, tomatoes, vegetables, spices and herbs, fish, fresh mozzarella and precious black truffles. In Assisi, you won’t be disappointed by the Tuscan specialties, and the quality of the fresh produce on offer. Once the sun goes down, you should take your time over dinner; savour the famous Tuscan cuisine and the regions wines. Take things at the leisurely Italian pace, and wander the streets of Assisi once the sun goes down, and find a gelato to complement your meal. Every once and a while there are festivals which make the night come a glow with activity. To book a Hotel in Assisi, please click here: Assisi Hotels To book a Hostel in Assisi, please click here: Assisi Hostels

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