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Bariloche, Argentina
Bariloche is located right on the Nahuel Huapi Lake, in the Rio Negro province and is known for its architecture. The homes here are usually wood or stone, blending well into the beautiful landscape of mountains, lakes and glaciers. This gorgeous natural environment offers many outdoor activities nearby for skiers, bikers, golfers and hikers – from summer to winter! There’s also rafting, swimming (in hot springs if you prefer) and horse back riding.

For things to do, try going to the clock tower around 12 or 6 to listen to bell chimes and watch the soldiers parade past. Check out Mitre Street, in the main commercial area for shopping. Another street to walk along would be Peerito Moreno Street, where you’ll find the oldest homes in the city. Emilio Frey Venue is where cultural events and festivities take place. The Civic Centre area is worth seeing because it has been influenced more by the Swiss than the Spanish or Portuguese. Along the river, or really most places in town you can find tea houses and chocolate stores. For a historical national monument you should go to the Chapel of Immaculate. Another cathedral would be the Nuestra Senora del Nahuel Huapi. Try the Patagonia Museum if you enjoy learning about and looking at art.

Argentineans like European food because of its simple but wonderful taste. But they are known themselves for their fresh seafood selections and a special dessert dish called alfajou. Alfajou is a small cake with chocolate or powdered sugar sprinkled on top. If you are a vegetarian, try Verdei Li Buffet Vegetariano which is also vegan friendly. In general, you will be able to find a lot of vegetarian restaurants. But for all you meat lovers, don’t fret because there are also many restaurants that specialize in meats - and Argentina is well known for grilled meats! If you want to try something special, treat yourself to a dinner on a Super Yacht that serves Italian food and expect to be treated like Italian royalty.

Bariloche is known for the nightlife – and in true Argentinean style, you should be living it up too… At night there are plenty of bars and pubs lined up along the lakeshore. For dancing there are various places, mostly pretty casual. There are disco-teches like Cerebro, Grissu and By Passing. If you want to watch a performance, try the Frantom where they have usually have a tango show with audience participation. They also have dining included with many good courses. The dance scene is pretty casual so feel comfortable in jeans and a shirt, but try to stay away from sneakers.

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