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Bogota, Colombia
Bogota - the capital of Columbia, a city that has a spectacular selection of beautiful parks and green spaces. Try cycling through town on a bike - there are 303 km of bike paths around town – and many scenic routes to choose from. You can relax, fly kites, read books or take advantage of all the events organised by the council – movies, concerts and outdoor plays.

There’s a Botanical Garden that contains green houses and labs. It also holds a library and has a gorgeous waterfall. There are a number of good art museums. I would suggest the glitzy Gold Museum which has the largest gold handicraft collection in the world. Another treat is going to see the bull fighting in Bogota. There are many things this city has to offer – all with a beautiful backdrop of mountains and the surrounding Columbian rainforests.

Bogota has a great selection of places to satisfy your stomach and stimulate those taste buds. The city has over 1,000 restaurants, including both local and international food. Some local specialities would be soups with pork, beef, potatoes, cabbage and corn with a side dish of rice and avocado. Or, there’s also santaferno which is a cup of chocolate and a slice of cheese which you melt into the chocolate. International food gives you a choice of European, Middle Eastern, Asian and American flavours.

Going out in Bogota is an adventure in choice alone. You can find salsa, rock, jazz, blues, vallenata and dance music. Then there are the casinos, bars and dance clubs where you can spend your long nights. Most good places to dance are located in the Zona Rosa area around Carerra and Calle Streets. Try Salome (for Salsa) and Tropical Cocktails (for house and light trance). There are also other activities at night such as the Cinemateca Distrital where they show foreign films and Teatro Colon where operas, ballets and concerts are performed.

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