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Boston, USA
History and culture can be found at every turn in a city like Boston. Proud of its New England past and very much a city of the future, Boston is one of the great spots on the American map.

Boston is an excellent town to leave your car behind and walk. Many of the cities sites are easily in walking distance of each other. Along the Charles River, separating Boston from Cambridge, you can enjoy a picnic, skateboarding, rollerblading, biking or running in Boston’s largest park.

Dorchester, the city’s oldest neighborhood, is one Boston's beautiful and historical residential areas, with a mixture of wealthy Victorian style mansions and common housing for the later groups of immigrants.

For something a bit more contemporary, visit South End, which hosts Boston’s more Bohemian side. You can find art galleries and cafes and a counterculture of artists and writers.

Some say Bostonians are a little cold to outsiders but the truth is they're actually just reserved. Not one for phony smiles, the average citizen of Boston reserves his affection for old friends and family as well as the city itself. So don't feel left out or offended, it's simply a city whose affection is hard to earn. Those kind of cities are the best, for you're generously rewarded once you can crack the surface and get inside.

Bostonian pride is an amazing thing. The people of the city are truly in love with all the details of their city, even the crazy traffic and rough winters. OK, maybe they're not in love with it but they feel strongly about it nonetheless. The city has many justifications for its pride, as its a city of many first-time innovations in the U.S. The first public library, the first public schools, the first subway system.

Boston is one of America's great cities and bears so many traits to that early American history. It's unique in the way it mixes the new and old. For many, it's a charming and unforgettable place.

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