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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Who wouldn't like to go to a fantastic city surrounded by desert, divided by a Creek splitting Dubai in two, that makes it possible to find an amazing beach resort within the city?! Dubai used to be a small trading port, but due to some intensive development the last 20 years, Dubai is today a modern city, that for example is shown by its Dubai world trade Centre that was build in 1979 to stimulate trade and commerce in the United Arab Emirates.

The Al Fahidi fort from 1799, is today the museum of Dubai, and shows with figures, pictures and sound and lighting effects the life at Dubai in the pre-oil days. Also a gallery will show you amazing photos of the traditional Arab style of houses, mosques, as well as the desert and marine life surrounding the city.

Since its a Muslim country in growth, there is the Jumairah Mosque as an fine example of the more modern Islamic architecture. in particular it is beautiful by night with lights.

A must visit in Dubai is of course also to see the Burj Al Arab hotel, at least from the outside. The hotel is build at an artificial island, and resembles the sail of dhow (the Arabian vessel). Due to the height the shadow is places carefully, so it does not cover the beach. The hotel is one of the most expensive in the world, and is mainly build as a landmark in Dubai, since it probably never will be profitable.

The special thing about going around in the city is this mix of old and new. There are very modern shopping malls, hotels and office buildings lying next to ancient houses that show the rich heritage of the cities history. An arabian country very tourist-minded and open.

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