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Edinburgh, Great Britain
Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is also its second-largest city. The city is one of the world's major tourist destinations, attracting nearly 13 million visitors a year. It's a city with a traditional look and contemporary feel, offering many attractions within a beautiful setting.

Edinburgh is a city renowned for its contribution and sponsorship of the arts. The annual Edinburgh Festival, the largest performing arts festival in the world, and Edinburgh International Film Festival are major highlights. At the time of the festivals the population of the city doubles.

The Edinburgh Film Festival is the longest continually running film festival in the world. It has made some pioneering steps in the history of cinema, introducing the Retrospective in the 1960's. Years ahead of its time, the Festival re-evaluated and paid tribute to the diverse talents of John Huston, Sam Fuller, Douglas Sirk and even a young Martin Scorsese.

The historic center of Edinburgh is divided in two by Princes Street Gardens. To the south, the view is dominated by Edinburgh Castle. Sitting on top of an extinct volcanic, the castle sits majestically above the city, with the long sweep of the Old Town trailing after it along the ridge. The street layout, typical of the old quarters of many northern European cities, is made especially picturesque in Edinburgh.

North of Princes Street is the elegant neo-classical New Town, built in the late 18th and early 19th centuries to improve conditions in the city. South of Princes Street is the Old Town, a tight collection of narrow alleys and closes, inhabited by the ghosts of Edinburgh's seamy past and the inspiration for the famous story of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde.

The city is well-known for its young vibe and upbeat nightlife. The University of Edinburgh, one of the largest and most prestigious in the UK, brings a certain vibrance and energy to city. Every summer, Edinburgh becomes the cultural capital of Europe and the envy of other UK cities as it hosts its series of festivals. In August especially, the Scottish capital becomes a proverbial "city that never sleeps."

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