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Interlaken, Switzerland
Interlaken is located in pretty much the middle of Switzerland by the Alps. The Aare River flows through the city and the lakes rest nearby. Makes sense, considering that Interlaken literally means ‘between two lakes’ and is found between the Thun and Brienz lakes. The city itself is small with a population of less than 10,000 but in winter these numbers swell with tourists coming from over the world to take advantage of some great winter sports. Tourists come from all over to ski, raft, paraglide, hike and snowboard in the mountains around Interlaken. The Jungfrau is a beautiful mountain backdrop to the city. The mountain itself stretches to a height of about 4,000 meters.

Interlaken is definitely a sport-lovers’ paradise, and you’ll find everything to do here – from hiking to badminton, skiing and boarding. But when those thighs are sore, don’t worry, Interlaken has plenty to do away from the snow and in from the cold! There’s the SBB Historic Foundation Exhibition, The Figure Exhibition for people who love learning about history or want to see a castle or the Open-Air Museum in Ballenberg, with beautiful old buildings and gardens that recreate the past. There's also the Alpine Garden that contains a botanical garden with so many flowers that one always seems to be in bloom. The garden is ablaze with colours during the summer.

However, there's also the shopping and wandering along the streets, full of cafes and pavilions. Switzerland may be known for their watches and chocolate, but there are other souvenirs that you can find. For a day trip out of town there's the city of Bern, the capital of Switzerland. There you can also shop, visit museums and enjoy various activities the city has to offer.

Once you’re off the slopes, you’ll need to warm your stomachs! You’ll find a blend of German, French and Italian cuisine in Interlaken. The Swiss are particularly known for their cheese and chocolate, with genius creations like fondue and raclette that’s sure to keep you satisfied at the end of a long day. There are other dishes such as rosti (a type of potato dish), or veal with mushrooms in a cream sauce. The Italian influence has brought in pizza and pasta and the French have brought in their delicious tarts, quiches and bread. For breakfast, you’ll find muesli (uncooked rolled oast and fruit), Ovalmaltine(a chocolate drink) and cider.

Like any town you’ll find a few bars, pubs and good places to dance. However there are other things to do at night like the Casino Kusaal Interlaken where you can try your luck or Jamming Corner where the young and old sit and talk while they play board games listening to some reggae music and sitting on a bar or coffee.

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