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Kunming, China
Kunming is the capital of the Yunnan Province, and was once one of the cities along the silk route. It has since been known for its transport, science, technology and beauty. The city’s name means city of eternal spring - makes sense because there are always flowers in bloom, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables year round. There are more than 400 types of native flowers within the city and about 4,000 different types of plants within the Botanical Gardens. The city is surrounded by the National Forest and the Dianchi Lake.

Many of the sites are incorporated in nature, because of the city’s natural beauty. The Stone Forest, Grand View Pavilion, Jindian (Golden Temple) Park and Longmen are all focused around nature. These parks, gardens, and gate are all amazing wonders of what nature has produced and what humans can add to the already outstanding beauty. Hiking, wandering and swimming are all activities that are offered in Kunming. There are also markets to explore your way through from dolls, ivory and woodcarvings and more. One market called the bird and flower market has art crafts and handicrafts which include such objects as jade and marble pieces. There are teashops where you can purchase tea, which is valued something like wine in Kunming.

If you want to visit a museum, I would suggest Kunming City Museum or Dongbu Cultural Museum. Kunming City Museum has old temple ruins and Donbu Cultural Museum is a history museum. If you just walk around the city, you’ll find art on the streets with the beat of music, folklore and celebrations of many different cultures that blend together here.

The most renounced food in the area is a dish called yunnan guoqiao mixian, which means across bridge rice noodles. It is a hot chicken broth with various slices of meat with rice noodles, onions and seasonings such as pepper. The meat most used in the area is ham, steamed chicken and roasted duck. Mushrooms in soy sauce is a common dish, and don't forget vegetables and fruit can always be found. An area good for snacks is xinan road and for the across bridge noodles is located on Culture Street Branch.

Kundu night market is a popular spot which has bars and cafes along its stretch. The Hump Bar is one of the most famous bars in the city that plays live music. There is also the Face to Face Coffee House that is an artist’s lounge where there are art performances once a week. If you want to dance try the Top One Disco.

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