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Lucerne, Switzerland
Lucerne, also known as the "city of lights" with over 50,000 people, is in central Switzerland. It's located on the shore of Lake Lucerne, and in summer is filled with people enjoying the lake. The city was actually originally a fishing village but shifted it's image with the founding of the Benedictine Monastery around the 700's.

The town, with its old wooden buildings and picturesque lake, seems almost like a fairytale. This beautiful city with cobblestone streets and medieval squares brings to mind sleepy towns and beautiful princesses. But lately Lucerne has changed its image in to a modern, forward thinking city which incorporates the arts and beauty of its past.

Check out the famous Chapel Bridge which is said to be constructed in the 1400's - it has paintings of the plague produced by Kasper Meglinger. A wooden bridge and a small chapel was added in later years. Another religious site is the Cathedral of St. Leodegar which sits on a small hill and was constructed in the 700's, with restoration carried out during the 1600's adding some Renaissance touches. There's a famous carving of a dying lion which is known as Lowendenkmal. You can find the lion at a small park by Lowenplatz. There are a number of museums but the most well known one might be the Swiss Transport Museum which is a large museum which talks about automobiles, aircrafts and ships. When walking along keep your eyes peeled open for remnants of the old walls which have 8 tall watch towers and one old entrance located on the Reuss River. As you stroll through the city you will find boutique shops, cafes, a cheese factory and steamboats that are ready to take you on a cruise. If you're up for a hike than you should walk in the nearby hills, tracing along the paths of the "Sound of Music" landscapes. Now don't forget about the water where you can swim, windsurf, sail, swim and more.

Since you are located in the middle of Switzerland, you will find the influence of French food, with dishes such as fondue, Italian influence with pasta or pizza, and German. The German typical cuisine is best in this city since it is closest to German's influence. The Swiss-German food tends to be based on sausage dishes.

Like any city, you will find pubs, bars, cafes, live music and places to dance. The things that make this city so unique compared to others is the art and music venues mostly in Old Town, but other spots in the city as well. Check out the old jail that’s now been transformed into a live music venue called the Sedel and a casino. There's also Stadtkeller which has wonderful concerts in the summer time.

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