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Madurai, India
Madurai is located on the south tip of India, with a little over 1 million people who hold tradition close to their hearts. This is a city rooted in tradition and history. It’s a city of Gods, warrior princesses and great Emperors, all who have shaped the city’s character today. Madurai in fact, is also known as the Athens of the east and the city of nectar. There is a legend which tells of a river of nectar that ran through the city, when Lord Shiva was once blessing a temple in Madurai.

Interestingly enough, Madurai is a city designed in the shape of a lotus leaf - but its main flower export is the jasmine flower. Things change in 2,500 years!

Marco Polo once made a trip here and I recommend you do too because there are so many sites to see. For example there’s the Thirupparankunram Temple (carved out of a mountain!), the Meenakshi Temple (985 pillars and has musical pillars) and Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple (twin temple), which are all amazing. They’re all great examples of Indian architecture and a great way to introduce yourself to the fascinating local culture. Once you have seen your fair share of temples, try the Tirumalai Naik Palace which was built in 1523.

This city also offers movies, entertainment parks and shopping. The main shopping centres are Chithirai, Avanimoola and Masi Strees Pudhmandapam. There are other places to go shopping as well those are just some places. Madurai is known for textiles and handlooms, great souvenir ideas.

I have to admit night life could be more exciting in Madurai, but not because there aren't any good bars or good dance places, but because everything shuts down at around 12 am. The night life up until 12 includes bars (such as Apollo 96 Bar), pubs and DJ's that play good music.

The cuisine in Madurai includes rashmi chicken, tandoori items, kebab chicken, mixed vegetables, and much more. If you want to try some restaurants, Sangeetha is a roof top restaurant with a fairytale type of ambience. The best part is being able to watch the sky as one eats a delicious meal. I’d also try sugar cane juice, known to the locals as carumbu.

Madurai is a city that reflects the tradition and history, creating a modern day fairytale, of colour and sights. This is a magical city that is filled with life.

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