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Malaga, Spain
Malaga, located in southern Spain is surrounded by mountains and the two rivers Guadalmedina and Guadalhorce, that flow into the Mediterranean. Once ruled by the Phoenicians, Malaga was also once under the rule of the Romans. The name Malaga is said to have come from the Phoenician word salt, from days when the fish was salted by the harbour side. Malaga’s still a fishing town but it has since become a modern Spanish city.

Surrounding the city are the Alcazabar ancient walls and Arabic fortress. Other sights to see include the Gibralfaro Castel and the Cathedral which has been built in a Roman style. It rests on an ancient Moorish site of a mosque which had been built around the 1500's. There are some museums which need to be seen which include the Museo Picasso Malaga, CAC Malaga (modern art museum) and the Museo Interactivo de la Musica (MIMMA). Try shopping on the Marques de Larios, a shopping main street with a huge range of stores. The harbour here is one of the most important in Spain, but remember not to miss the beach! The Costa del Sol is well known for it's sun and beautiful beaches.

For food I’d recommend the restaurants El Muador, Las Pampas or the Red Parot. All of these offer good food at decent prices. The traditional food is based mostly on seafood – so expect some fantastic fried fish, or fish baked in salt. There are also vegetables and meats which make up a large part of the cuisine as well. Don't leave without at least trying the pescaito frito, small fried fish which has a wonderful aroma and taste. However there's also the typical Spanish dishes as well such as the tapas. For dessert there's the sweets that include wonderful cakes and ice cream.

Keep in mind the Spanish tend to eat dinner on the late side, letting a meal sink into the night, finishing around midnight or later. However, for the even later night (or the early diner) there are various cafes, bars and places to dance. Some good discotheques would be the Palladium and the Piper. There are also other cultural activities that the city offers, like concerts set in churches... talk about atmosphere!

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