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Moscow, Russia
Moscow is the capital of Russian Federation , located in European part of the country. It has connections with many parts of the world by river ports leading to five seas and there are four airports, two of them international.

The population of the city is more than 12 million people and as following there are huge traffic, so it is a busy city.

But you can use a metro witch is supposed to be the most beautiful, easy and efficient in the world.

If you are a tourist you must use a metro map not to get lost.

Every day Moscow is visited by tourists from different countries and of various ages, but all stay impressed by the beauty of the city.

Moscow history is dated from year 1147. Since that time much is changed, from a military place to Capital of Russian Empire, controlling 1/6 of the world's territory. Moscow today is a cosmopolitan city with people from all regions of the world.

The first place you should visit is Red Square . There you find The Kremlin, the Mausoleum of Lenin, and Saint Basil's Cathedral, that is the most attractive cathedral in Moscow and there is a legend that Ivan the Terrible blinded the architects because he didn't want them to create another masterpiece like this.

What to visit more n Moscow ..... the Bolshoj Theatre, Puskin Museum of Fine Arts, The Metro station of Belorusskaja, Kievskaja, Teatralnaja, Komsomolskaja, the Tretyakov Gallery, possessing the biggest collection of paintings in Moscow .

The most famouse streets in Moscow are Tverskaya street starting right from Red Square , there are best clothing shops here, Starii Arbat is visited by tourists because of the market of souvenirs as well as cafes and restaurants.

Nightlife is very happening, many clubs and restaurants open till morning.

Moscow can be really cheap and expesive at the same time.

Russian people like a good company, enjoy the jokes and meet new friends.

So come and enjoy Moscow

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