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Munich, Germany
Germany's playground is well know around the world for its great breweries, agitated nightlife, and its biggest festival..... Yes, you guessed it right, Oktoberfest.

But Munich is much more than a bunch of drunk people singing and drinking for two weeks in a row, in fact the capital of Bavaria is a metropolis that offers a lot for visitor and locals alike.

Munich is located in South-East Germany and has a population of 1.3 million inhabitants. Munich is a popular destination for visitors since lots of activities can be done throughout the year.

If you visit Munich during the summer, let's say between May and September, you'll find a buzzing city, with plenty of outdoor activities. The city receives thousands of visitors per month. And it's not hard to understand why.

Folklore joins modernity, the architecture of Munich is outstanding. Its grand museums are worth a visit, and its main cathedral is a must, along with other buildings smaller in size but definitely as big in architectural design.

If you visit Munich in the winter you'll have to bear below frezzing temperatures but don't get me wrong, most of the activities will take place indoors and will be as appealing and as hot as the summer months.

Munich offers an extensive variety of nightclubs. You'll find something designed to fit your particular needs. The only possible puzzle will be choosing only one place, but why one if you can try as many as you want. From psychodelic bars and pubs to sizzling dancing clubs, you'll never run out of options.

Munich boasts a diverse and rich array of restaurants, going from the traditional wurstels or German sausages to the high end five star restaurants. Also Munich has more beer kinds than you are legally allowed to taste. Never mind about the legal terms, but the truth is you'll have the time of your life enjoying German beer, you'll find the beer of your life that's brewed just for you.

Pay a visit to Munich and you'll never want to go back home, except for the hangover, perhaps; but even that would be nothing compared to the great fun you'll enjoy, so get your backpack ready and head down to this vibrant and unparalleled city.

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