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Perth, Australia
Known as "the most isolated city on earth", Perth is 3,200 km (2,000 mi) from any other major city in the world. But despite its solitude, Perth has a healthy take on life. It's a vibrant and modern city and is claimed to be the sunniest state capital in Australia.

The city center boasts a modern cityscapse, with concrete and glass skyscrapers set on a beautiful riverside location. Behind the towers you can find a more tranquil and historical landscape, one of 19th-century buildings and facades amidst patches of green.

So how did this city come to exist in (practically) the middle of nowhere? Gold! At the turn of the last century, the gold rush attracted many hopefuls. More recently, a minerals boom in the '70s brought more people and business to the city. Today, Perth is a booming cosmopolitan center of industry and culture.

The city is located on the Swan River, with a “town square” of Forrest Place, where one can find a variety of free public entertainment, street theatre, and busking on a regular basis.

The Old Perth Port and Barrack Street Jetty is the base for Perth's ferry and river cruises and a number of restaurants and cafes. Panoramic views of the city can be seen from Kings Park, a 1,000 acre area of native bushland adjacent to the city. And for nightlife, one can find much of the action in Northbridge.

So don't be afraid of the isolation, if anything it's what makes Perth unique. And as the people from Perth will tell you, the beaches of the Indian Ocean are definetly the most beautiful.

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