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Pisa, Italy
Pisa, known best for it's Leaning Tower of Pisa, is located on the Arno River in the Tuscan country. It was a major port town, once as grand as Venice. To prove it perhaps, is the fact that many important figures have been born in Pisa, such as Galileo who conducted some of his studies on the now famous tower. Pisa still shows its rich past with magnificent public buildings and monuments like the tower, its main church, cobblestone streets and seating of the archbishop. Unfortunately, the city did receive some damage from bombing during WWII, which has destroyed some of the cities glory.

Make sure to climb the church complex with its white marble Romanesque exterior. This complex includes the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa and La Torre Pendente. Also there's the Camposanto which is a monumental cemetery.

Ripe tomatoes, home made bread, cheese, oilve oil and wine are the main ingredients used in local cooking here. There's pizza, pasta, fish soup, vegetables such as cabbage and during the winter, game is popular. The most popular game is wild boar. And don't forget that Pisa is smack in the middle of Tuscan countryside - take advantage and to try some Tuscan wine and fresh produce.

There’s a big student population thanks to the important university located here. So expect the street to always be filled with revellers, bar hopping from one bar and piazza to another. Try the Piazza Cairoli, which contains some bars, and a good night scene. For dancing try going along Via Giuseppe Vernaccini 7. Also if you would rather enjoy a concert or performance there's the Verdi Theatre.

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