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Verona, Italy
Verona is an ancient city located in northern Italy, and immortalised in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. The Adige River and Garda Lake run through the city and the city once came under the great rules of Napolean and Venice. Verona was once along a main road that many travellers passed through. Some stayed to watch the glorious gladiator games at the Arena in town. Verona has been influenced by the areas all around it, making for a diverse culture of food and such delights.

The first thing you should see is the Arena - the third largest arena in Italy - which was completed around 30 BC and is still in use today for open air performances. There's also a Roman theatre which was built in the 1st Century and remains in good condition, but performances have not been seen here for many years. Wander the streets around the Porta dei Leoni or the Arco dei Gavi. One is an arch and the other is part of an old Roman gate. The Arco dei Gavi has a name (Lucius Vituvius Cordone) inscribed - try and spot it, since it is very rare for the time that the architect would put his name into his masterpiece.

There are a number of churches such as the San Zeno Basilica, St Maria Antica or the small Romanesque Basilica of San Lorenzo. The San Zeno Basilica has layers of white stone and brick, built during the Roman times with gorgeous frescos covering the walls. The St Maria Antica is also a Romanesque church which was founded in the 7th century with gothic windows and a beautiful interior.

There are some good museums scattered through out Verona. The two I would recommend would be the Museo Archeologico and the Achille. The Museo Archeologico includes various Greek vases, mosaics and more. It's a great place to learn a bit about the history of the city and country of Italy. The Achille Forti Gallery of Modern Art, also known as the Galleria d'Arte Moderna focuses on the impressionist artists such as Degas, Picasso, Guttoso and more. For food there are many dishes, other than the famous Italian pizza and pasta (which you must try) such as desco (veal, ginger and leeks), stracotto (beef dish) and tre marchetti (porcini mushrooms and truffles). For dessert there’s offelle, a sweet biscuit. Make sure you try the wine of the Veneto region, not only well known and celebrated, but for the beautiful presentation in the wine cellars! Verona has a rich cultural scene, offering opera, live music, pubs and bars. Check out the local listings for what’s on offer. To just stroll around like the Italians, put on your holiday finery and wander around the shopping streets, Piazza Palladio or Piazza Bra.

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